According to the Royal Veterinary College and other vets in the UK, the pug is more prone to skin, eye, and breathing issues.

p 300x189 1 - Pugs: Breaking the Mold of Typical DogsIt is the result of selective breeding and overbreeding that has caused this pug problem. We no longer see the same pug as in previous years. It is due to selective breeding, which was done by humans.

pug - Pugs: Breaking the Mold of Typical Dogs
Image: Pug face scrunched

A Pug’s current body shape can cause a variety of health conditions, including brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome and skin folds dermatitis.

The life expectancy of pugs is the lowest compared to that of other breeds. Pugs have 23 of the 40 health issues that dogs commonly face. Most pugs have obesity problems, and they snore and snort everywhere.

The health of the pug is more important than their cuteness and beauty. It’s time to stop buying these dogs just because they are adorable.