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Essential Tips for Raising a Chihuahua

Your life will soon be much simpler, dog parents and guardians. Here are some tips that I use to help me overcome daily challenges and minor inconveniences of being a guardian to two adorable doggies.

Easy to open plastic bags for poo

Opening poop bag can be difficult, particularly when your dog pulls at its leash to try to escape the crime scene. It’s hard to open the thin plastic bags, especially when your dog is pulling at its leash. After COVID, I don’t want to lick my fingers to separate the opening.

What is the fix? The fix? This cold wet nose is going to moisten the fingertips enough so that it’s super easy to open your bag.

a chihuahua temperament the good the bad and the ugly - Essential Tips for Raising a Chihuahua

Enjoy a wide range of high-value, cheap treats

Most of the time, dogs will not eat those cookies. Sticky meats that are tasty and smelly can be expensive. The texture is also very dry. Hot dogs, chicken, cheese and other high-value treats are perishable, difficult to prepare, and expensive.

What is the fix? What’s the fix?

The texture is light and crunchy and will last forever. You can divide it up into small bags and take your treat stash with you anywhere, at any time.

You can feed your dog any amount they like, but you must limit treats to 10%.

Air dried is not the same as dehydrated. Food that is dehydrated tends to become powdery and dry. This is great for meal preparation, but it must be rehydrated. The texture of air dried foods is light and crunchy.

Do you hate carrying a poop bag?

It’s great to be a responsible pet parent. I don’t mind picking up dog poop without any protection other than a thin plastic layer.

It’s embarrassing to walk down the street in a stinky and lumpy bag.

If you do not have one of these, grab an extra chip bag clip out of your cupboard. It’s easy to attach it. When your dog poop, you can just put the bag on.

Tip: Clip the bag of poo close to the handle on the leash, not further away from your dog. The warm bag will swing around, hitting you on the leg. Ask me how I know.

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You can’t find anything for your tiny dog to wear?

You may find that the sizes XS at your local pet shop are just too large for your small puppy or dog.

By cutting socks into holes, you can create a variety of outfits. Even before Matilda was neutered, I made washable pants for her so that she would not bleed all over when in heat.

Check out the sections for cats, ferrets, rabbits, and other small animals at the pet shop. They tend to carry harnesses with a comfortable fit.

Are you afraid to clip your dog’s nails?

Doggy nail clippers are a real pain. You can’t cut enough nails without causing your dog to bleed. They’ll then never again trust you to trim their nails.

You can use a Dremel. You can read my posts on how to use this tool and never worry again about injuring your dog. You’ll have no problem if you use air-dried snacks. You can stop letting your pet’s nails grow into gargoyles while you await the next veterinarian visit.

You can’t see the quick in your dog’s black nails?

The quick is easy to spot on dogs with pink or white nails, while those with black and dark nails can be difficult to cut. You can use your smartphone’s flashlight and shine it through the nail. This will help you see where to make the cut.

Sick Of Stinky Kisses?

Parsley can be sprinkled on the dog’s meal to get rid of puppy breath. Remember that bad breath is a sign of an oral bacteria growth. Parsley can be used in an emergency, but it’s best to brush your dog’s teeth.

Want to cut back? Use a smaller bowl

Overfeeding may be to blame for your overweight dog. We overfeed because we “eyeball” it. And when the bowl of your dog is too large, a proper portion may seem to be too small.

Matilda’s bowl is too large, even for the smallest ones. When I weighed her food it looked like a small portion because the bowl didn’t cover the bottom. I would add extra bits out of guilt.

It’s not so bad to feed her properly because I have a saucer for her. It’s more of a trick to fool us. Our dogs won’t notice the difference between if their bowl is full or empty.

How to Make Leftover Pussicles

Ice cube trays can be used to portion and save just about any food. For a delicious treat, you can freeze smoothies as cubes.

Improve Your Phone Photos of your Dog

Turn your phone upside-down, bring it near the ground and tilt it up to take better pictures and videos. This will give you a photo that is closer to the dog’s eye and makes them look more adorable. It’s also possible to use the portrait mode for that glamorous shot.

Stop Recurring Accidents

Do you have a dog that keeps pooping and peeing at the same place in your house? Cleaning the spot thoroughly is important. Do not use vinegar or baking soda. Only enzyme cleaners will break down the stains so that even your dog cannot smell them anymore. Start feeding your dog at that location. You will find that your dog won’t want to potty in the same place where they are eating. You’ll have to start over and train your dog from the beginning, just like you would a puppy. This is the only way you can break their habit.

How to Make the Most of Your Dog Tag

You don’t need to include your dog’s collar name. Strangers do not need to be aware of their dog’s name. Include the dog’s name to make it easier for someone else to contact your pet and potentially kidnap him. Include your phone number and address so that your dog may be returned.

Get A Carabiner Clip

If you need to tie your dog up quickly, clip the leash of your pet to anything. You should never leave your dog tied while unattended. You can use this when camping, having a picnic or using equipment in the park with your dog always within your view.

Use a carabiner clip to attach the leash directly to your belt.

Use essential oils to diffuse where you need them

You can use certain essential oils to calm your dog or repel fleas. Although I am not an expert, I know some essential oils can be harmful to dogs when applied directly on the skin or inhaled. The lavender plant is not toxic to dogs, and it can be used as a natural anxiety reliever. Just a few drops can be placed on their blanket, bandana, or collar. You can also make a diffuser quickly by adding a few drops to a jar of rice.

How to Turn Dry Food into Tasty Mush

You can keep the kibble in the fridge for three days if you mix it with water. This will create a mixture that is more appealing to some dogs than their dry food. Add your dog’s favourite toppings to the mush to prevent them from picking out the kibble. It is a great way to make your dog more satisfied on a diet that focuses on weight loss. This hydrating food is great for your dog’s urinary and digestive tracts.

When brushing, be sure to reach the back teeth

I’ve found that my new favorite method to brush the teeth of my dog is to sit on the floor in front of her, so she faces away from me. It allows her to be in a natural sitting position, while I brush her teeth. She can be held close to me so she doesn’t wiggle too much. This works every time!

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