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The Fearless McNab Shepherd

McNab Shepherds are a medium-sized breed of dog that were bred to be herding dogs. This is a strong dog, with an unusually long body that does not match its height. They can have ears that are either upright or floppy, while their eyes are almond shaped and set widely. Their coat is harsh and weather resistant.

It is an ideal family dog due to its loving and friendly temperament. It needs an energetic family who can keep up with its energy levels and involve him in physical activity on a regular basis. This breed does not thrive in apartments, so you should only buy it if your home has plenty of space to allow him to move around.

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Origins and History

McNab Shepherds were originally bred as herding dogs in Hopland. Alexander McNab moved from Scotland to California as a breeder. McNab Shepherds were created when Alexander McNab crossed his Scottish Border Collie with other shepherd breeds.

The breed quickly became very popular with ranchers, who used it extensively to herd livestock and cows. McNab Shepherds have become a popular family pet for active families.

Is McNab Shepherd Child-Friendly?

McNab Shepherds get along well with all children, regardless of their age. This is due to the loving nature and gentleness they have with them. Kids love them and they are tolerant with their bad behavior.

Close supervision should be maintained to ensure that your pet is not injured by small children who may pinch, pull or grab it.

A girl posing with McNab Shepherd - The Fearless McNab Shepherd
McNab Shepard and a girl.

Temperament and Personality

Temperament: McNab Shepherds are intelligent, agile and protective. A family with a high level of activity is required to keep them occupied. The protectiveness of the breed makes it a great guard and watchdog. It will keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Personality: McNab sheep are affectionate, independent and work hard. Their master is very loving and devoted. The bond with family members and other animals in the home is strong.

Behavior: McNab Shepherds have a high intelligence and are very active. They need regular exercises to keep their mind and body active. Participating in activities daily will stimulate their mind.


McNab shepherds need an experienced master. Training is easy because they are intelligent breeds. They are intelligent breeds, but they can be difficult to train because they have an independent nature.

Early training is therefore recommended. Begin with basic training, and train using positive methods. They will become more focused and obedient.

The Facts

  • By August 2021 no kennel clubs have recognized the McNab Shepherd.

The Health of the Nation

McNab Shepherds are generally healthy dogs, but they do have some health problems that can be genetic.

Lens Luxation: The McNab shepherd inherits this health condition. The lens can move either on the front or back of the eye. This condition can eventually lead to blindness or pain. Early treatment is the best way to cure this condition and surgery will be painless.

Hip Dysplasia This condition occurs when the hips of your dog have been shifted from their normal position. This can cause your dog to have difficulty moving around and make their daily life difficult.


McNab shepherd is available in these colors:

  • Tricolor
  • Black with White Markings
  • Dark Brown
  • blonde
  • Blue


McNabs can have 4-6 pups at once.

McNab Shepherd puppy playing - The Fearless McNab Shepherd
McNab shepherd puppy playing.

The Size

Height: McNab shepherds are between 16-21 inches tall for females and 18-25 inches high for males.

Weight: Weight of male McNab Sheep is 35 to 65 pounds. Females are between 30 and 50 pounds.

Buy Tickets

The cost of McNab Shepherds is typically between $700 and $1,000 USD if you buy them from a reliable breeder.

McNab shepherd is a similar dog breed

  • Border Collie
  • Australian Kelpi

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