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What to Do When You Find a Flea on Your Dog

As soon as I saw a flea on Matilda’s stomach, I knew I had to take action.

We’ve dealt with fleas in the past, so I was familiar with what to do.

On my blog, I sometimes share things that make me feel a bit embarrassed.

I feel like I’m a part of the McPoyle family from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, because this is Matilda’s second “flea-happening”.

Ew. Were we raised in a filthy family?

It’s true that you may feel more comfortable if you have experienced these situations yourself. There’s no need to feel embarrassed.

You know as a responsible dog owner that accidents happen. It’s up to you what you choose to do.

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Is it necessary to treat my dog monthly for fleas?

Matilda had been on monthly flea treatments the first time Matilda got fleas. She wasn’t on a flea treatment this time.

For about three years, we were able to live without fleas by using regular spot-on treatments.

For some time, I didn’t use them due to my concern about possible side effects. Many people who are involved in natural pet care believe that traditional flea and tick preventions can be dangerous. There were no fleas in the neighborhood, where we walked most often. I used a natural tick and flea spray whenever we went to a wooded or park area.

It’s not clear why we suddenly started seeing fleas in August last year, despite staying at home because of COVID and no other changes to our environment.

Now that I have fleas on my body, it was time to do some research.

  • Natural flea remedies could help us
  • The conventional flea product is safe
  • Which ones, if any, would we be at least likely to experience side effects?

Are Natural Flea Treatments Effective?

Many natural flea treatment alternatives are available to the chemical ones. They are good. It doesn’t appear that fleas are able to develop resistance against them, unlike chemicals. There are downsides.

  • It is important to use them at least every 3 to 5 days and anytime you bring your dog into a bug-infested area.
  • Some products are only repellents and don’t eliminate insects. Some products kill insects only when they are wet. Once they have dried, however, they will only repel.
  • Strong scents can be irritating to some people. Some of the products smell just like Froot Loops. I love cedar and clove scents. If you are sensitive to smells they may give you headaches.
The natural flea treatment I used didn’t completely eliminate the fleas.

Vet’s Bestfragrances like peppermint and clove oil. It can be used both in your house and for your pet. This is one of the less expensive options available at.

You can’t count on flea treatment to be effective instantly, because they can hide within the carpet fibers, fabrics and even close to your pet’s skin.

They were still jumping onto my dogs when I came in from my walks.

The natural flea sprays and collars we use didn’t work.

We used TropiClean Home Spray which smells just like Froot Loops. The spray was not effective by itself, but it did help in combination with other products. Available on Amazon It’s great for bedding and other areas where you don’t need to worry about toxic chemicals.

What are the dangers of conventional flea and tick products?

The FDA has issued a warning for chewable products for fleas and ticks, including Bravecto Credelio Nexgard and Simparica.

These were those that caused seizures.

No evidence has been found that over-the counter products such as Frontline Plus can cause seizures. Other side effects, such as vomiting and drooling, are possible.

On Facebook you will find people expressing all sorts of opinions about any product.

After a few days of trying to convince myself that Frontline Plus was safe, as well as the fact that my dogs were itching and miserable from fleas, I finally decided to give Frontline plus to Matilda.


After three days I have never seen another flea.

The medication was effective in repelling fleas. The fleas were hungry.

Then I treated my house with natural sprays and chemicals. Chemical sprays contain Insect Growth Regulators, which prevents flea larvae maturing or reproducing.

I chose Pet Armor as it was an inexpensive option. (Check Amazon for current prices). My dogs were kept away from the furniture for 12 hours after I sprayed it. Then, during the day I would spray my bedroom, while at night, the same was done for the living room. The natural spray is great for a quick treatment. I also have the chemical spray that can be used sparingly.

The fleas in my house were not able to reproduce, and so the population has been wiped out for good.

Is it possible for fleas to make me or my dog sick?

Tapeworms are carried by fleas, but only your dog can get them if it eats the flea. Even if your dog eats fleas, he shouldn’t develop tapeworms if he takes monthly heartworm medications like Interceptor Plus. You should test your dog’s feces at least once a year for parasites.

Fleas are not fond of humans. It’s more common for them to bite the feet or ankles of a person than it is to hang around in their hair. Knowing that fleas were in my home gave me an uneasy feeling all day.

There are some When you are dealing with fleas it is important to act quickly because the eggs start laying within 24 hours after they have eaten blood.

Even though it is better to use flea soap, you may end up using dish detergent if that is all you have. In an emergency, it’s fine to use dish soap.

Dawn was the only thing I could think of while I searched for a flea shampoo. I didn’t want to see bugs crawling on Matilda and Cow or my house. Later, I bought real flea-shampoo to keep on hand.

Let the dish soap work on your dog for a good ten minutes. You should start seeing dead fleas within a few minutes. Your dog may have more fleas than you think.

After a Dawn treatment, use a doggy conditioner to condition the skin and coat. Coconut oil can be used.

How Should I proceed?

It’s true that my ideas seem to be a bit erratic. I’m not adamant about using only natural products for every situation, and I don’t always use chemical-based solutions. I believe that both have their place in everyday life.

It’s very important that you know as much about your choices as possible. I gather information so you can make your decision.

What conclusions have I reached?

  • You can use spot-on flea treatment monthly if it is difficult to remember the natural flea spray that you should apply every 3 days. Fleas can be brought to your home by skunks, raccoons and foxes. Some wild animals do not carry fleas. For example, squirrels and mice do not.
  • Check your pet after you have used any type of flea treatment.
  • You should use a natural flea treatment such as TropiClean, because fleas have become resistant to spot on flea treatments. You can apply both TropiClean and spot-on treatments. Don’t apply them at the same time, as it will be difficult to determine what caused an allergic reaction. Just like any other substance, some essential oils may cause an adverse reaction in dogs.
  • Protect Your Dog DailyAND Spray them Again before You Go on A Hike or Expect to Be Exposed to Nasty Critters.
  • If you have Dawn dish detergent, you may use it occasionally if necessary. If you have to use flea shampoo, make sure that your dog’s skin is protected and moisturized afterwards.
  • Do not panic but do act quickly. If you find a flea, it will lay its eggs in 24 hours.
  • Wash fabrics that your dog was around. You can spray-treat any item you cannot wash.
  • Always check the labels . Certain essential oils can be toxic for your dog in high concentrations. Research before buying products formulated for your dog.
  • Use a spray that is safe for your dog. Allow it to air dry if it’s not.

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