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Miniature Bernese Hound

Small Bernese Hounds or Berner Niederlaufhunds is amongst the four smallest scent hounds. Hunters were attracted to the medium-sized dogs’ hunting ability. The dogs are also known for their strong scenting power, used by shooters.

In addition to hunting, these dogs are also intelligent, active and loyal, making them ideal for hunters, active families and dog owners with experience. They are protective and will stand up for loved ones when they find themselves in a difficult situation. Also, these dogs are excellent guardians for your family.

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Origin and History

As evidence, there are paintings dating back to the 9th Century that show the Small Bernese Hound. The painting shows a leaner body. These breeds are Swiss Alpine because of the scent and skills used by hunters. These breeds were smaller, and had shorter legs around the 18th-century. The size was reduced by breeding with the small Swiss Laufhund.

The Small Bernese Hound: Behavior traits

A small Bernese Hound can be a loving and loyal hunting breed, which is perfect for family homes. Due to its hunting instinct, it has a dominating behavior and is best led by a confident person. They are not suitable for apartments or houses with small gardens. The dogs thrive in large open spaces where they are able to run around and exercise freely. It is important to socialize them early so that they don’t develop personality problems as adults. It will prevent your dog from developing any destructive behaviour at home.

dog - Miniature Bernese Hound
Two small Bernese Hounds sitting on a couch.

Use positive reinforcement when you are training your dog. It will build a stronger bond, and it also maintains respect and trust. A dog will also become less aggressive, which can help to prevent anxiety and depression. You should avoid using harsh words and corporal punishment, as they can backfire.

Can a Small Bernese Hound be easily trained?

Bernese Hounds are intelligent dogs that can easily absorb any training or command. They need a trained trainer, as training is difficult for new owners. Often, they can be very stubborn and make it hard on trainers. The breed requires a leader who is firm, consistent and strong during training sessions. The breed responds well to praise and does well. Train your dog from an early age to develop good habits.

training - Miniature Bernese Hound
Bernese Hounds waiting to be treated.

What is the Small Bernese dog’s behavior with children?

The Small Bernese Hound is a breed that gets along well with kids and has a good temperament. The Small Bernese Hound is a great playmate for children. They can spend hours together in the backyard or playground. They are friendly to other animals, but supervision is required. Some scent dogs don’t get along with small animals like rabbits and ferrets. Your dog should be taught to act around children, as both can become aggressive.

What health issues do small Bernese hounds suffer from?

Patellar LuxationThe luxating patella may be dislocated from its normal position. While walking, you may see your dog skip a few steps. They may show signs such as limping, swelling or weak legs. Consult your veterinarian for the best treatment, as some may need surgery.

Skin AllergiesA dog’s skin can be affected by allergies. Small Bernese Hounds can have a higher risk of allergies. The result can be licking or scabbing, as well as skin infection. The condition is lifelong and requires constant attention.

The Small Bernese Hound

  • In 1905, the Small Bernese Hound joined Swiss Niederlauifhund Club.
  • They became very popular in 1930s and were regarded as the greatest hunting dogs of all time by enthusiasts.
  • Rare breeds are rare because there are so few of them.

The Color Patterns on Small Bernese Hounds

  • Pied

Size of the Small Bernese Hound

HeightA male Small Bernese Hound stands between 13-18″ tall, while a female is around 12-17″.

WeightSmall Bernese Hounds average between 18 to 33 pounds

The Dog Breeds They Are Similar To

  • Bruno Jura Hound
  • Schweizer Laufhund

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