It is still important to take your pet to the veterinarian on a regular basis and include routine health checkups. It is important to ensure that your dog stays healthy. Here are a few other signs that will help you determine how healthy your dog is.

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The Ears are Clean and Odor free

Dog’s ears must be clean, without excessive earwax or discharge. If your dog is not suffering from any of these problems, then it’s a sign to be happy. A regular cleaning schedule is essential to prevent ear infection. It’s normal for your dog to be dirty while playing outside. If you notice any swelling or odorous ears, take your dog to the vet for an examination.

Constant Body Weight

The most common dog health problem is obesity. It can lead to heart disease, diabetes, various types of cancers, etc. Healthy dogs must have a stable body weight. Each dog should be fed a healthy diet, and their portions must also be controlled.

Visit your vet if you see any changes in your dog’s weight. They can help create a meal plan that is right for them. Your dog will be healthy if they consume an appropriate amount of food and maintain a constant weight.

Fresh Breath

A healthy mouth, breath and teeth without plaque or tartar are indicators of good health. The gums should be pink, and they must smell good. Also, your dog may suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, or periodontitis. The diseases may affect your dog’s overall health, and they can cause a foul smell or oral cancer. Routine dental checkups and care improve their overall health, and can detect any issues before they become serious.

odor - Knowing When Your Dog is Healthy
Canine teeth brushing.

Bladder and Bowel Movements Regular

Watching the urine and stool of your dogs is one way to determine their overall health. You can use this information to take precautions and monitor your dog’s health. In a healthy dog’s stool you will find no blood, mucus (mucus), worms, or eggs.

It is also considered healthy if your pet has urine that appears amber in color. You should be aware that any alteration in the color of their urine or stool can signal a variety of conditions, including viral infections, allergies, stress, poor diet and more. If they seem uncomfortable, you should take them to a doctor for a proper examination.

Shiny Coat

When a dog’s coat shines and is glossy, it is considered to be healthy. It is the natural oils that keep it shiny and free of loose hair. It is not necessary to bathe them every day unless their fur gets dirty. Depending on the type of fur they have, bathing them should differ.

When your dog bites into their skin or scratches it, this could indicate skin allergies or irritation. It may also be an indication of fleas. This is a sign that your dog may be in pain and needs to be treated.

coat - Knowing When Your Dog is Healthy
Sunbathing dog flexing shiny coat.

Engaged in activity

Some dogs with mental issues are also healthy. Mental illness is difficult to diagnose. If you see your dog happy and enthusiastic during an activity with the family, training sessions, or playing time, then they seem to be happy.

Similar, sudden changes in distance or interest as well as being unresponsive are all signs of illness, depression or anxiety. Observe their playtime, and use positive reinforcement.