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The Ultimate Guide to the Paws2Go Smart Potty Bell: A Review and Giveaway

My pottybells are my favorite. The potty bells were an invaluable tool for Matilda to learn how to use the toilet.

They’re irritating. They’re annoying, especially when my wife crashes into them 10 times just because I am not moving fast enough. The clattering of the bells in the night wakes up my family. It’s a bit of a nuisance.

It’s because of this that I’m so happy to have heard about Paws2Go… I’m sure you will love it as well.

Little Dog Tips received compensation and a Paws2Go product in exchange for writing about the company. All opinions expressed are ours. Only products that we love and highly recommend are featured on our site.

Paws2Gois an electronic smart potty system. The button lights up and plays your recorded message.

SENDS A NOTIFICATION to your phone. I’m dead serious.

It’s crazy. It’s crazy.

Dog pressing Pebble Smart Dog Doorbell attached to wall - The Ultimate Guide to the Paws2Go Smart Potty Bell: A Review and Giveaway

What is Paws2Go exactly?

You will receive the Paws2Go button with three AAA batteries already installed and ready for use. Remove the plastic tab and turn the button upside down. Press the red button on the other side to record the message.

My dogs understand what “Let’s Go Outside!” means. If Matilda pushes the button it will call Cow. It is possible to re-record the recording as often as desired. It’s possible to record the old potty-bell sounds at the start of the recording, so that your dog can learn the sound or in case you miss it.

Download the Paws2Go App (it is FREE!) The button can be synchronized with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You’ll receive a notification every time your pet presses the Button, as long as your phone is within range (100m or 300ft). The button is located downstairs, but I receive notifications from upstairs.

This is the most child-friendly smart potty bell!

In researching the electronic pottybells that we will feature on Little Dog, many reviews complained about small dogs not being strong enough or heavy to activate most of the buttons

Matilda is only 5 pounds and has very small feet. I was worried. I thought she wouldn’t be able make Paws2Go function.

It was very pleasing to see that she understood it immediately.

Paws2Go, as it turned out, was designed with Reese in mind, the small dog of its inventor.

It’s not a push button, but more of a touchscreen. It won’t just go off because of the 1-second timer. Your dog will have to deliberately touch it to set it off.

The touchpad works great for me. The touchpad works as it should. It’s also not too sensitive.

Additional Notable Features

My videos are a little difficult to read because the room was bright, but I still love how both buttons and lights are blue. Blue is easy to see for dogs who are colorblind in the red-green spectrum. Blue is the color of many dog toys, gadgets and agility courses.

It is amazing how long the AAA batteries last. I also love how easy it is to get these batteries.

In conclusion, I am glad you can set it on the floor if you choose not to. It can be set on the ground.

What would I recommend to get Paws2Go from?

It will take only a couple of days to get your dog used to the new Paws2Go.

You can use Paws2Go if your dog has not been potty-bell trained. She will notice that it’s easier to communicate even when you are not nearby.

Paws2Go is also a great option for people who are deaf and have dogs – this includes both those with hearing impairment who own dogs as well as people who have dogs that are deaf. Both the blue light and text notifications would seem to be very helpful.

You can now get your own Paws2Go!

Paws2Go’s regular price is $49.99. For the holiday season, it will be on sale at $39.99. Grab it now!

We’re holding a giveaway for those who are willing to try their luck and wait. One lucky winner gets a Paws2Go. You must be at least 18 years old and have a US mailing address to qualify.

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