They are also social. They are very easy to train. This is not the breed for you if your preference in your home is quiet. Because they bark quite loudly.

Extinct Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog 300x184 1 - The Lost Legacy of the Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog

Origin & History

Sheepdogs are a breed native to Wales. They’re very active and playful. These dogs were long and shaggy. The medium and large size are both available.

Breeders are of the opinion that it is this breed which has influenced modern Welsh Sheepdogs. In the early 20th century, they began to decline because of the popularity of other breeds.

Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog - The Lost Legacy of the Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog
Rare and ancient photo of the extinct Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog.

How Did the Old Welsh Sheepdog Go Extinct?

Old Welsh Grey Sheepdogs start to decrease in numbers from the beginning of the 20th Century. This is due to an increase of Border Collie used for herding. Even in the 1980s, Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog could still be found on Welsh farms located above the Towy valley.

The breed may not exist anymore, but it could have contributed to the Welsh Sheepdog.

Temperament, Behaviour, Personality.

This breed is very energetic and has a confident disposition. The intelligent dogs are also very energetic and hard-working.

The dog, as mentioned earlier is very playful. They are also sensitive. A soft punishment will affect their emotional state. They are not fond of guests, even though they’re family pets.

With a loyal and soft personality, they show affection and love to their handlers. They are good dogs for experienced owners, but their stubborn nature is not suitable.

What was the old Welsh grey sheepdog like with children?

The Old Welsh Sheepdog is an extremely child-friendly dog. It has a playful personality. Although they are very active, they don’t harm their family.

Because they are so easy to train, they will quickly learn the difference between commanding and acting.

Old Welsh Sheepdog Facts

  •  It is a good guard dog and does not have much of a bad smell.
  • The change in lifestyle and the living environment can be adapted.
  • This dog loves to be active.


Grey is the color of choice for Old Welsh Grey Sheepdogs.

You can also Size

However, the size of this dog is large medium having a weight 35-48 pounds of female & 40-60 pounds of male.


A mother Welsh grey sheepdog may give birth to 4-10 babies at one time.

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