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The Grand Pachon Navarro

The Pachon Navarro, a Spanish medium-sized dog that was bred to hunt birds and track them with their master. The Pachon Navarro is a medium-sized Spanish dog, bred as a hunting dog and tracks birds with its master. They are also intelligent and strong with short, smooth and curly coats.

Pachon Navarro is an active breed that requires daily training and exercise to keep them physically fit. The breed is looking for a confident owner that has the experience to take care of them. The apartment does not suit them as they need space to play and roam.

national dog show - The Grand Pachon Navarro

Origin and History

The Pachón is one of the oldest pointer dogs, bred in the middle age of Europe. Pancho became popular in Spain during that time because of the famed hunting profession. It became extinct in the 70s. After several years of effort, Pachón became a survival example in 1979.

origin.jpg - The Grand Pachon Navarro
Pachon Navaro circa 1890.

The Pachon population grew in 1800 and was also recognized as a breed. They were decimated by the myxomatosis, a virus, during the 1950s. Some were saved as they lived in isolated areas. This breed was recognized by the Spanish Government in 2010. It is on their list of breeds.

Temperament is a combination of behavior and personality

TemperamentPachon Navarros are loyal and kind dogs. These breeds need lots of space to run around and are very active. They do not fit in apartments. Pachon breeds have a very calm and steady hunting style.

BehaviorIt is important to keep them active and engaged. Regularly increase their mental and physical activities. Insufficient care may lead to destructive behavior and trouble. They are also strong and independent, so early training from a young age is important to ensure they grow up correctly.

PersonalitySpanish dogs are playful, and they love their masters as well as the family. The Spanish dog is eager to participate in any fun activities that their owner leads. You can find them playing fetch, tug of war and other fun games. Pachons are also very affectionate, so don’t let them be alone too much as they may become depressed. Remember that they will always defend their owner and are loyal to him.


Pachon Navarro are family-oriented dogs and eager to please. They learn quickly, making training easier. It can be challenging to first time owners because they have different personalities as adults. You should be consistent and patient when you are training the dog. Training them will enhance their mental and emotional health.

training.jpg - The Grand Pachon Navarro
Pachon Navarro training on leash with his master.

Is Pachon Navarro Child-Friendly?

Pachon Navarros are friendly dogs that play well with children and other animals if they’re socialized correctly. The breeds are friendly and loving with kids. Remember to train both the dog and children to be respectful of each other. Always supervise your kids while they are playing. They can be aggressive when they are not able to tolerate harsh behaviors from children.

The Facts

  • Pachon Navarro, along with Catalburun or Andean Tiger Hound is the only breed to have a double-nose (split-nose).
facts.jpg - The Grand Pachon Navarro
Picture of the double-nosed Pachon Navarro.
Image Source: Instagram
  • These breeds are not recognized by Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Health Concerns

Pachon Navarros are a breed of healthy dogs when they receive proper care and eat a well-balanced diet. They still have many health problems that are genetic.

  • Hip DysplasiaThe “ball and socket joints” of certain breeds are not developed correctly, resulting in hip dysplaisa. It can also dislocate, causing hip pains and limping while they walk. It is hereditary so make sure to check the health of your parents. This can be corrected by total hip replacement.
  • EpilepsyThe most common epilepsy in dogs is repeated seizures. The symptoms can range from mild to deadly. Low sugar levels, heat exhaustion and nutritional imbalance are all factors that can trigger this condition.


Pachon Navarro available in:

  • A Pie
  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Red

You can also Size

HeightPachon Navarro has a height range of 18 to 23 inches.

WeightPachons Navarros weigh between 55 and 75 lbs.

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