Chiribaya Dogs were short-legged dogs with long hair, a long nose, and longer bodies. It was a short-legged dog with cropped ears. A medium-sized tail and dark spots were on its back and head.

Origin & History

Chiribaya Dogs are believed to be descendants of herding and diligent dogs that were bred centuries ago. It is believed that the breed may have originated in pre-Columbian times. A Peruvian ethnologist was the first to identify it. Sonia Guillén OneglioIn 2006, he discovered 42 mummies.

The Chiribaya Dogs mummy found in 2006 - A Comprehensive Guide to the Chiribaya Dog Breed
Chiribaya’s dog mummy was found in 2006.
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Chiribaya Dogs played a significant role for the Peruvians, not just as llama dogs. Even after they died, the dogs were still treated as if they were human.

They were laid to rest in special pet cemeteries with their blankets and food. It is hoped that the dogs will remain happy in their graves.

What caused the Chiribaya dog to become extinct?

The exact date of the Chiribaya Dogs’ extinction is unknown. The study of dog mummies showed that they were probably buried in late middle periods, i.e. It is believed that the dogs went extinct between 1250 CE and c.900 CE. It is therefore pretty obvious that the dogs were extinct in the middle of 13th or 14th centuries.

What is surprising about this breed’s extinction? The ancient Peruvians treated these dogs like children and favored them a great deal. Although the cause of their disappearance has not been determined, it could be due to health problems.

Temperament, Behavior, & Personality

Chiribaya Dogs have a friendly and affectionate temperament. The gentleness and kindness with which they treated other animals led to their selection as herding breeds. The dogs’ bold personality and love for life made them ideal guard and watchdogs.

Chiribaya is a child-friendly breed.

Chiribaya Dogs are child friendly because they have a tolerant, and friendly temperament. Children would love them because they are affectionate and enjoy receiving attention. They were also kind and gentle, which made them the perfect allies of children. The herding dog also serves as a great guardian of its little human.

A Few Interesting Facts

  • Chiribaya is also called Peruvian Shepherd (Pastor Peruano), Peruvian Shepherd Chiribaya or Peruvian Shepherd Chiribaya.
  • Peruvians treated these dogs very well, despite their use in herding.
  • This dog looked a lot like the Golden Retrievers of modern times.
Chiribaya Dog has become extinct for a long time - A Comprehensive Guide to the Chiribaya Dog Breed
Chiribaya dog has been extinct since a very long time.


Chiribaya dogs are available in three different colors.

  • Beige
  • Reddish
  • Yellow

The Size

Chiribaya Dogs weigh between 10-14 kg and 24 pounds. They stand at around 25-30 cm.


A mother Chiribaya dog used to typically give birth to between 1 and 14 puppies per time.

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