Dalbo Dogs were a Molosser breed of dog that was extinct in Sweden until the twentieth century. Swedish people used large-sized canines to protect and herd their cattle.

Dalbo Dogs had long, thick fur and strong legs. Their ears were straight.

Origin & History

Dalbo Dogs are believed to have originated from Icelandic sagas. The Vikings are said to have owned large, powerful war/guard/cattle dogs when they invaded Britain. The dogs they brought back from Britain were thought to have been descendants of Molossers, the breeds that the Romans had left behind.

The Dalbo Dog was used as herding and guard dogs in Sweden - Remembering the Dalbo Dog Breed: A Look Back at a Lost Breed
In Sweden, the Dalbo Dog is used for guarding and herding.

In the book, “The Book of Dogs”, this breed first appeared. ‘Dalia’ It was written in 1632 AD by Gunno Brynolphi. It was again mentioned in 1843 AD’s book ‘Bohuslän’s History and Description’ by Axel Emanuel Holmberg. The oral history was then dated to around 1700AD.

These dogs were described in the books as being giants that killed brown bears, and also fought wolves. The writers praised this breed for its bravery, stating that it fought until their deaths to defend humans against wolf packs. They also recovered and protected the lost children in Sweden’s deep forest.

How did the Dalbo dog become extinct?

Many historians, including ancestors of Dalbo Dogs, believe that this breed became extinct sometime in the 19th or 20th centuries. This breed’s extinction is linked to the nearly complete eradication of bears, wolves and other large animals in Scandinavia in 1890. The cost of owning large dogs increased and Dalbo Dogs no longer served the original purpose.

Others claim the Dalbo Dogs were wiped out by a deadly outbreak of Rabies that occurred in 1954. It is said that the breed disappeared after the 1867-1868 Swedish Famine. A survey or inventory in 1913 found that no number of these dogs were present. It was a clear indication of their demise and that a beautiful guard dog breed had been lost.

Temperament, Behavior, & Personality

Dalbos were courageous and had protective instincts. They were bred and raised to guard and herd cattle, so they treated other animals with great care. They protected their owners’ homes and properties from wild animals when they were not around. These brave, fearless canines make excellent pets.

Is Dalbo Dog a Child-Friendly breed?

The Dalbo Dog is a breed that was considered child friendly because it had a strong guarding and friendly instinct. These dogs, as mentioned above, were trained to bring children safely back from the forest. They were able to protect children and behave appropriately around them. They were therefore excellent guardians and playmates for kids.

Here are some interesting facts

  • Dalbo Hound is another name that was used for this breed.
  • This dog closely resembled today’s Estrela Mountain dogs.
  • Even though it’s a Swedish dog breed, they were rare to find.
The Dalbo Dog was not common even in Sweden - Remembering the Dalbo Dog Breed: A Look Back at a Lost Breed
Even in Sweden, the Dalbo Dog is not very common.


Dalbo Dog came in the following colours:

  • Dark/Black
  • Brown
  • White

You can also Size

Dalbo Dogs were between the heights of 29.52 and 31.49 (75 to 80 cm), but weighed around 45-60 pounds (20-27 kilograms).


In average, Dalbo dogs give birth to two to six puppies per litter.

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