Sakhalin Huskys, or Karafuto Kens are purebred dogs with a lifespan of 12-14. The harsh climate of the Sakhalin region allowed them to be used as sled dogs and for cart pullers.

The Sakhalin Husky has a very large dog. Both the males and females have a different size.

Origin & History

Sakhalin Husky originated from Russia and Japan. Sakhalin Husky is a breed that was developed by the native people of Sakhalin, Nivkh. Hana, and Kuma her 12-year-old brother were the only purebreds left in 2011.

A Sakhalin Husky was once a leading military dog. In addition to pulling carts, sleds and other heavy loads they are also loyal family dogs.

Sakhalin Husky as Sledge Dog - All You Need to Know About the Sakhalin Husky Dog/Karafuto Ken
Sakhalin Husky was used in cold regions of Japan and Russia as a Sledge dog.

Why did the Sakhalin Husky become extinct

There are no studies and reports available on the cause of Sakhalin Husky extinction. One of the reasons could be because they were used during WWII, but later declared unsuitable for warfare due to their salmon-craving habit.

Temperament is a behavior, personality

Sakhalin Huskys make a loyal dog. Their temperament is very independent, energetic, and hardworking.

These energetic dogs has a very friendly behavior and  likes being around people or other animals.

Sakhalin Huskys are usually friendly and sociable. These dogs are light-footed and playful.

Sakhalin Husky is good with children

This friendly and loyal dog is also kid-friendly. They are very energetic but will not hurt your children or other family members.


The British Royal Navy Officer Robert Falcon Scott also owned these loyal dogs Sakhalin Husky.

Sakhalin Husky needs extensive physical activity every day.


Sakhalin Husky comes in these colors:

  • Black
  • Russet
  • Biscuit
  • Cream

You can also Size

This breed of intelligent dog is large in size. Males are 22-25″ tall (57-64″ cm), while females range from 21.5-24″.


The mother Sakhalin Husky is capable of giving birth to between 1 and 7 Sakhalin Husky pups at once.

Sakhalin Husky Puppies - All You Need to Know About the Sakhalin Husky Dog/Karafuto Ken
Sakhalin Husky Puppies Are Very Cute.

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