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Spoiling Your Very Good Little Dog This Holiday Season

Remember when you were young and how excited you used to be when you opened boxes of clothing on Christmas morning?I don’t think so.

I made a list of the things that your dog really wants.

It’s not just organic shampoo, or even cute sweaters. These are things that will make your dog’s tail wag as soon as she receives them.


Use a Dehydrator to Make Treats

Dehydrated single-ingredient treats made with a dehydrator are the best.

Some companies make good dehydrated dog treats with just one ingredient, but when you make your own, you know where and when they were made. You can also avoid allergens or other ingredients that may be problematic for your dog.

I have saved SOOOOO much money by using my dehydrator. My Turkey Balls only cost $3.

If I were to ever need another dehydrator I would choose one with steel trays rather than plastic ones.

You can make small treats using steel trays because they have smaller holes. But you can use parchment paper to cover a plastic tray.

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We like Ready Made Treats

Here, we can’t have enough of these itty-bitty sweets.

Matilda & Cow are both such good girls. I need to give them small treats in large quantities.

It depends on the flavor, both Tricky Trainers & Natural Balance produce tasty and healthy treats.

Amazon PicksNatural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Mini Rewards Soft and Chewy Dog T…$26.40 (63)

Pet Steps

A ramp or steps may not seem like a fun gift, but it can help your dog to feel more at home on your furniture and part of the family.

Pet steps are not just for the elderly, those with arthritis or disabilities.

Even if your dog seems to not mind, jumping up and down on your couch over time can cause joint damage.

I have just ordered Steps from Pet Gear. I do not know if they will work, but am confident that they will.

I chose hard plastic because they are easy to clean. Plus, I don’t think Matilda will stay on the foamy ones.

Eggnog mix that is dog-friendly

You’d probably be judging me if you saw the amount of eggnog in my refrigerator from November 1 to January 31.

If you don’t like it in your coffee or cereal, then this is not for you. You probably understand it.

My dogs are now also believers in Honest Kitchen Eggnog Mix.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

The most important gift I could give was toys.

I have a list of small toys for tiny dogsif your Chihuahua needs mini plush toys which fit into its mouth.

This year I will buy Matilda, Cow and more snufflemats.

A snufflemat is a fabric with folded fabric where you can conceal dry treats or kibble. This is a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated on a rainy or cold day. You can also use this mat to slow her down when she eats too quickly.

Matilda will be getting a challenge mat, as I believe she would enjoy it.

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