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The Blue Lacy: A Symbol of Texas Pride

Blue Lacy, also called Lacy Dog or Lacy working dog is a large-sized breed of medium size. This is a dog breed that has a lot of energy and is intelligent and loving. The dog has a powerful, strong body covered by a short, silky coat.

Blue Lacys are working dogs and therefore not suitable to live in apartments. The Blue Lacy needs a large space where they can perform their daily physical activity. It is important that the dog’s owner be active, experienced and know how to manage them. This breed isn’t suitable for first-time owners.

Origins and History

Blue Lacy breed originated somewhere around the mid 1950s in Texas. Four brothers called Lacy’s Brother bred them. They are believed to have used English Shepherds and Grayhounds as well as other scenthounds. It was originally used to drive and herd free-roaming Hogs.

Blue Lacy child friendly?

Blue Lacys are very friendly, easygoing and tolerant with kids. Children can trust them as they have a gentle, loving nature. Even small children can be tolerated by them.

It is important to supervise your child when they are both playing together, so that accidents do not occur.

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Temperament is a combination of personality and behavior

Temperament: Blue Lacys are bold and brave. They also have a high level of activity. For their physical and mental health, they need to maintain a high level of activity. The breed is a great watchdog because it’s very alert and aware of the surroundings.

Personality: Blue Lacys have a calm, gentle, and loyal personality. It is very gentle and loving with family members. The breed is protective and will defend their family if necessary.

Behavior: Blue Lacies are a breed that requires a lot of physical and mental activity. Otherwise, the Blue Lacy may get bored or become destructive. Dog sports are important, but it’s also very important to engage your dog in other activities.


Blue Lacy dog training is not for the inexperienced. The dogs are intelligent and can learn new tricks and commands quickly. They need an experienced, firm and consistent dog owner who knows what to do with their activity needs.

The Facts

  • Blue Lacy was named for the Lacy brothers Frank, Ewin Harry and George.
  • The Blue Lacy dog was officially declared as Texas’ official state canine in 2005.

Health Concerns

Blue Lacys are generally known as a healthy and fit breed of dog. The Blue Lacy can still get some genetic health problems.

  • Allergic Skin Conditions: Blue Lacys are prone to allergies, especially from food, grasses and dirt, as well as parasites. If you notice any redness or patches on your dog’s skin it could be an infection.
  • Color Dilution AlopeciaThe condition is caused by a genetic problem that causes patches of hair to appear on the skin. It is difficult to manage but you can reduce or eliminate it by using the shampoos, creams and other medications recommended by your vet.


Blue Lacys are available in the following colours:

  • Tri-Colored
  • Light Silver
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Rust
  • Dark Charcoal

You can also Size

Height: Blue Lacys can reach a height between 18-21 inches.

Weight: Blue Lacy males and females have an average weight between 35-50 pounds.

Prices are a little higher than usual.

Blue Lacy Puppies are typically priced from 400 to 600 dollars.

Blue Lacy is a similar breed

  • Mountain Cur
  • Carolina Dog
  • Catahoula Leopard Dog

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