The males are the same height as females. Francios II was known to have one of these packs.

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Origin & History

Brittany in France is the place where Griffon Fauve de Bretagne originated. This dog, as mentioned above, was used for hunting boars and wolves.

The breed made a fantastic companion and family dog. This dog was used less as the wolf population and wild boar populations decreased and hunting stopped.

What caused the Griffon Fauve of Bretagne to become extinct?

Larger Griffon Fauve De Bretagne became extinct because they were no longer used for hunting boars and wolves in the 19th Century.

However, the smaller Griffon Fauve De Bretagne is still available. It was only the large one which could not have been protected.

Temperament, Behavior, & Personality

The Griffon Fauve de Bretagne is a dog with a very energetic and active temperament. It has hardly any stamina or energy. Due to their unlimited energy, they are often referred to as the perfect jogging partner.

The dog is very friendly and will greet strangers. This dog is good for family play and companionship despite its basic hunting instinct.

Their personality is strong, but they are also cuddly with a high level of tolerance.

Was Griffon Fauve de Bretagne Good With Children?

Griffon Fauve de Bretagne are very patient and child-friendly dogs. While they may be energetic and active, the dogs will not jump up or harm children or family members.

Yes, of course! You must train your dog so that it is more child and family friendly. It is important that you do not let your child be alone with an untrained dog.

Here are some interesting facts

  • In English, the name Griffon Fauve de Bretagne translates as Fawn Brittany Griffon.
  • They were used to hunt in packs.
  • GFB is also known by this name.


This breed was available in the following colours:

  • Red
  • Fawn
  • Tan
  • Golden

You can also Size

They weighed between 25-40 pounds and grew to a height of 19-22 inches.


A mother Griffon Fauve de Bretagne usually gives birth to between 2 and 6 puppies.

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