Nuts are available in many varieties and some nuts can be harmful to dogs. Some nuts are poisonous and can cause stomach problems. We’ll explore what nuts are good for dogs and which ones can be harmful.

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Why are nuts bad for Dogs

Not all nuts, as we have already mentioned, are dangerous and can harm their health. There are still many factors that can cause nuts to be harmful. There are many factors that can cause nuts to be harmful, such as eating large quantities, allergies, the mixture of sweet and salt in nuts, or indigestion. As many dogs are prone to gaining weight, it is important that you monitor their daily fat intake. Some dogs may have an allergy to nuts even if they are safe. It is not recommended to give dogs too much sugar or salt as they can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.

The list of nuts that are not safe for dogs

It is important to note that not all nuts or seeds are dangerous or harmful for the health of dogs. Although the list of nuts below does not include all toxic ones, it is possible that some dogs will have problems with them. Each dog is an individual, therefore you should check to see if they have any problems eating the nuts.

Macadamia Nuts

It is not recommended that your dog eat macadamias, whether they are raw or roasted. This is because they are toxic and should not be given to dogs. Scientists do not know what makes them toxic for dogs, and there is no safe dose to give to pets. There are many signs, such as vomiting, depression and cold intolerance.

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Macadamia Nuts – A Picture


It is not toxic to dogs like macadamia, but it does contain a large amount of fats. This can lead to obesity, upset stomach and pancreatitis. The dog cannot chew walnuts properly, and this leads to digestive problems. Mycotoxins in walnuts, which are produced by molds and fungi that can cause seizures, may also result in convulsions.

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Walnuts in a picture


The large size of almonds can cause digestive problems in dogs. Aflatoxin, which is poisonous, can also be found in almonds, Brazil nuts, pistachios and other crops. Numerous almonds in a bag also contain chocolate coating and seasoning, which can lead to blood sugar or salt toxicity.

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Almonds in a picture


The pecans contain aflatoxins, which can cause seizures or convulsions in dogs and horses. It is a walnut that contains mycotoxins which can damage dogs’ livers. Pecans in general are not safe to give dogs as treats. Hazelnuts contain mycotoxins, and so should hickory or hazelnuts.

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Pecans in their natural habitat.

Symptoms of Nut Allergies and Nut Poisoning in Dog

You may see signs after 12 hours if you have a dog with nut allergies or poisoning. After consumption, you may notice signs such as seizures, weakness and muscle tremors. In addition, the dog can suffer from vomiting and diarrhea that show pancreatitis symptoms and require immediate treatment. To avoid the worst case scenario, take these signs to a vet immediately.