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The Joys of a Whining Dog and Her Favourite Toy

Matilda, who was 15 months at the time, pulled off the feet of one her toys. These feet were tiny, brown beans measuring 1.5″ long. They looked like a tiny Chihuahua.

She would take one tiny foot and put it in her mouth. Then she’d pacing around, whining loudly, and dig around under blankets. She has never done it again.

This happened before she had been spayed and probably around one of her heats. I think she felt motherly for reasons she didn’t fully understand.

Why Do Dogs Cry When They Get A New Toy - The Joys of a Whining Dog and Her Favourite Toy

False Pregnancy In Dogs

A false pregnancy is indicated by a crying child carrying a toy. This usually happens between 4-6 weeks following a heat cycle.

Matilda also developed enlarged breasts around that time. You can also look for signs of false pregnancies, such as increased clinginess and refusal to eat. Other symptoms include a distended stomach, or even breastfeeding. These symptoms usually go away on their own. However, if your dog is showing signs of pregnancy you should consult your veterinarian.

Spayed dogs do not experience false pregnancies because they no longer possess ovaries. The uterine infection pyometra is also eliminated by spaying your dog. It was for this reason that I decided to have Matilda spayed at three years old, despite my initial trepidation about the surgery.

But My Dog Is Male!

Although they don’t go through hormonal changes, male dogs may also exhibit strange protective behavior towards toys. Some male dogs take an active parenting role when puppies are born.

It could be instinctive fatherly behavior to become protective of a child’s toy. It is possible that some females who have been spayed can experience false pregnancy. However, this may not always be due to hormonal factors.

Other reasons dogs carry toys while crying

Some dogs cry and carry around a toy for other reasons than they believe it is a puppy.

If she wants to hide it, she may carry her treat or chew around. She might also start whining when she is anxious. If you own another dog, she may be particularly anxious. You can give her an old towel or blanket to act as her cache.

This behavior may lead to resource-guarding. If you want your dog to not have leftovers, offer her treats she can consume in one go.

Take leftover chews home and give them to your dog the following day. You can give your dog the chew to take with you, but make sure that your pet gets a tasty treat in return.

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