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Is It Permissible To Unhook Your Dog’s Leash?

You’ve probably heard that you should “pop” the collar or leash of your dog.This technique may have been featured in an article or book. It might even be on television.

Popping a leash, like many other dog training methods popularized by dog trainers is meant to be a quick way to get your dog’s attention and change their behavior.

What does it mean to pop your dog’s leash?

To pop a leash is to yank quickly on the leash of your dog, giving a strong tug at their collar.

It can be done using a choke-chain or prong collar, which are tools that apply pressure in concentrated areas of the neck and throat. It can also be done using a flat collar.

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Can you safely pop your dog’s leash?

Do not pop the leash of a dog. This can cause injury to the soft tissues that support the neck and spinal cord.

There is no safe amount of force to use to correct your dog using the leash pop. There’s also no number of instances that you can safely apply to avoid neck damage.

Chronic thyroid problems have been associated with trauma to the thyroid, which is located in the neck of your dog.

The pressure on your spine may lead to chronic pain, paralysis and disc herniation.

The windpipe can narrow, leading to a honking, and even fatal, cough.

There is no need to use a great deal of force in order to damage the spine and neck. It doesn’t matter if one is applying moderate force or losing their temper, jerking their dog, during a particularly frustrating walk. There’s no telling if the leash-popping incident will cause serious injury or just a temporary pain.

Can a leash pop simulate a mama dog’s correction?

The argument that leash corrections are similar to how a mother dog would correct her pups by biting them on the neck is a common one.

It’s not clear what would cause a mother to punish her pups, or if there is any proof that this happens. Or that the dog might mistakenly think that the loud pop from a leash was a form of communication.

Puppies are so tiny that their mothers can safely carry them in their mouths when they’re just a couple of weeks old. When they grow too big, the scruff on their neck can’t support their weight and won’t protect them against damage from any correction.

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What Makes Leash Pops Work?

Some dog trainers still use leash popping techniques to teach dogs how to walk.

When dogs receive a “pop” they will stop doing what they are doing to avoid another painful experience, even if it means that they shut down.

The leash snaps will stop the dog dead in its tracks. Leash pops do not help a dog learn when to be oblivious to distractions and to communicate and trust their owner.

A leash popping that stops an unwanted behavior instantly isn’t a lasting solution. It also has risks and adverse effects.

Even the most inexperienced pet parents can train their dog not to pull on a leash without using force or putting themselves at risk. It doesn’t need to be frustrating enough to make you want to hit your dog.

It’s time for a new perspective on your walk if you are struggling to keep the leash and searching any that will make it peaceful or even fun.

When you walk your dog, they don’t have to be right by your side all the time. While they are on their walk, it is normal and even desirable for them to explore, sniff and watch other animals and passersby.

It is important to take time out for yourself and relax by going on a walk. When your dog is out of control it is time to focus on improving attention-getting techniques. This means carrying treats and playing games such as “red-light, green-light” and make it funnier, more exciting, and rewarding for you to walk along withyou.

Change your perspective

You’re not the only one who has used or considered techniques such as “popping a leash”. Every pet owner, every experienced trainer and everybody have been embarrassed or stressed out when their dog lost its marbles on a walk.

Dog-centric, humane training is gaining popularity. It’s based on science and rewards, but it also focuses on the dog. It is much more impressive to be able to calmly take a breath and slowly gain your dog’s attention than to jerk on the leash. This will also benefit your mental health and your dog’s safety.

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