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A Special Way to Honor Your Pet: Puppy You Custom Dog Portrait Necklace Review/Giveaway

My pups can now be worn close to the heart without affecting my entire outfit.Puppyyou.com has a beautiful necklace that features your dog.It was a very quick and simple process. I am still amazed at the outcome.

This is the product: Puppy you Custom Dog Portrait Pendant Necklace

The necklaces come in beautiful jewelry boxes, which are ready to be gifted.

You’ll receive a.925 sterling-silver pendant, and a 16″ chain with li’l lobster clasp.

The pendant I made is approximately 1″ wide. However, the size may vary depending on which photo inspired the design.

Since the text and portraits are not printed, but engraved onto the necklace, they won’t fade.

IMG 2840 800x600 1 - A Special Way to Honor Your Pet: Puppy You Custom Dog Portrait Necklace Review/Giveaway


You can order directly from PuppyYou.com by uploading your picture, adding text that will be engraved and sending your order straight to the designers.

They were allowed to choose both necklaces, even though there are no photos showing them canoodling together.

They were able, using my dark and awkward picture, to isolate Matilda’s and Cow’s faces, and bring them together.

The designers sent me the final design about 48 hours after receiving my photograph. This was to allow for my approval before creating the necklace. The necklace arrived in my mailbox about 20 days after the designers received my photo.

You can recommend this product to anyone

It would make a great gift for any pet lover. It can be made using any animal portrait, including a picture of a person and their pet.

This is a great gift that’s affordable and has a lot of “wow factor”. It’s a great way to give a gift that will be remembered and appreciated by your recipient.

You Can’t Recommend this Product to Anyone

Sterling silver can be tarnished, which is why some people dislike it. Sterling silver, however, is easy to clean and allergy-friendly. Baking soda can be used to remove tarnish.

Wear your necklace often to maintain its pristine appearance. Natural oils on your skin actually prevent it from tarnishing.

The durability and functionality of sterling silver makes it a great choice for everyday wear.

You can also customize keychains, rings and other gifts at Puppyyou.com if you do not like wearing necklaces.

What is the best place to buy a Puppy Necklace?

Puppyyou.com is the place to shop for your dog’s portrait pendant.

This month, you can try your luck! Below you can enter to win your FREE Puppy necklace

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