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The Unseen Causes of Dog Barking

Our dogs will alert us if the driver of the package knocks at the door. This is a wonderful and justified thing to do.

Grab your food or your package quickly before they get cold. The dog is good.

Sometimes dogs bark without any apparent reason.

It is possible that you have not heard or seen anyone.

What’s happening? Is your apartment haunted or not? Your dog has lost its marbles.

Why Dogs Bark

Did you know wolves, and wild dogs do not bark at all? Dogs use barking to communicate.

When a dog is barking, they are usually trying to communicate with their owners, regardless of whether or not you happen to be nearby.

jack russell terrier barking - The Unseen Causes of Dog Barking

You dog may bark because of:

  • Alert Barking is a way to alert you to the presence of someone outside and help to drive intruders away.
  • The Lonely Barking is when the dog barks alone at home or in a crate and doesn’t like it. They could just text “Please come home!”
  • Is it the vacuum cleaner that gives them the heebie jeebies or is the anxiety barking? Are they in the vet’s office or groomer’s?
  • When they are trying to get your attention, will bark.
  • When it is dinner time (or they believe that it is dinner time)
  • Canine Cognitive Dysfunction– Senior dogs can get dementia, just as humans do. Random barking is one of the symptoms.

You can tell if your pet is looking at you because it’s staring.

Dogs have an acuter sense of sound than humans.

The sound they hear is higher in pitch and can be heard from a distance four times greater than ours.

Your dog may be barking when someone comes knocking on the door of your neighbor next door. Maybe there is a squirrel scurrying along the roof.

Can Dogs have a sixth sense?

It’s nice to imagine that our dogs have the same powers as those in fiction, but we tend to underestimate their normal five senses.

They can tell when a seismic event is imminent… by using their extraordinary sense of hearing.

They can smell cancer even before symptoms appear.

Canines can detect our moods by smelling hormones such as cortisol, which is found in sweat.


Your dog may be able to detect ghosts in your house by detecting changes in temperature or odors. It could also pick up electromagnetic fields, changes in barometric pressure, and even changes in the magnetic field.

In a book I had read as a child, it said that you could use your dog to detect ghosts. You can apparently see ghosts if you look behind their head and between their ears.

You should give it a shot.

How to Deal with a Dog that Barks At Nothing

If your dog is barking incessantly, but you have checked behind his ears, looked out of the window for people or animals, and you are not ready for dinner yet, it may be impossible to determine what’s causing it.

It’s important to let your dog communicate, even though you may not understand everything. When we try to find out what is bothering them, dogs often stop barking. After you have looked around, listened to them, and given the go-ahead, they may calm down.

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